Features Of Web Hosting

To find the best web hosting for your website, it’s very important to understand the features of web hosting because only then can you compare the plans offered by the many web hosting providers out there.

Disk Space

Disk Space refers to the amount of storage space you can use. This means the space allocated for your website files, database files, and also your email accounts if you use the email service provided by your web hosting.

Bandwidth or Traffic

Bandwidth refers to the amount of connection traffic that is allowed for your website. For example when a user enters your website name in their browser, they make a connection from their machine to your website server to request your website files to be shown in their browser. Your website server then responds back with the files to them. If your website home page files are 1MB in size for example, every time a new user accesses your website home page, you will consume at least 1MB of bandwidth.

So what happens if all bandwidth allowed for your website is consumed? Your website becomes inaccessible to users until the start of the next month because bandwidth resets every month.


Email is like any email service with the only difference being that you can have @yourdomain.com emails which look professional compared to the free email service providers.

Note that your email used storage counts as part of your disk space.

Free SSL

SSL allows you to have the https secure lock for your website so that your website users know that their connection to your website is secure.

Without an SSL, hackers in the same network as your users, for example in a coffee shop or in a public network space can see your users username and password when they login to your website. But with an SSL installed, all they can see is gibberish encryption code that only your website can decrypt and understand to get the real login and password your user entered.

SSL is mandatory for your users security, so a web hosting that doesn’t provide a free SSL means an extra cost for you since you will have to purchase the SSL on its own as well.

Unlimited Web Hosting

Contrary to what the word “unlimited” means, in web hosting, it only means that you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use, however, if your consumption is considered too much by your web hosting provider, they will ask you to either lower your consumption or upgrade your hosting type.

If your goal is to open a personal website or a small to medium eCommerce business you will find our unlimited hosting plans more than sufficient for your needs.


Now you know more about web hosting features and can make better web hosting choices for your website projects.

And like always If you’ve got any queries for us, or if you’d like us to share more tips, please let us know in the comments section below!



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